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Ask Dr Matt - 201

  1265  -  I Caught My Husband Watching Pornography Again, for the Third Time. What Should I Do?
  1264  -  During His Mortal Ministry: What did Jesus Christ Teach about How to Be Saved to Eternal Life?
  1263  -  The Psychology of Stench and Putrid Odors: What To Do when Grandma's House Smells Bad?
  1262  -  Curing the Root Cause of Phobias and Fears: It's Not just Psychological It's Primarily a Spiritual Problem
  1261  -  How to Avoid Corrupt Communications Bitterness, Clamour, Evil Speaking, Malice, & Shun Vain Babblings

  1260  -  Creating Illusions with Words: Constraining Perceptions and Contriving Propaganda, Unwitting and Intentional
  1259  -  New Age Philosophy: The Wolf of Moral Relativism Hiding Beneath the Pleasing Appearance of Positivity & Love
  1258  -  False Premise of Positive Affirmations: You Can't Train Your Brain Using the Same Brain that Needs Training
  1257  -  They Twain shall be One Flesh: What the Bible Says about Same-Sex Marriage & Same-Gender Sexuality?
  1256  -  Slurs Occur when People Intend to Slur, Words Alone Cannot Create Slurs: Offended by the Word "Redskins

Ask Dr Matt - 2015

  1255  -  The Secret of Life is Everyone's Possession: Principles of Emotional Healing and Lasting Change
  1254  -  I'm Having Reoccurring Dreams about Spiders: What is the Meaning of My Spider Dreams?
  1253  -  Cause and Cure for OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, according to Traditional Psychology
  1251  -  Popular Theory Contradicted by Empirical Evidence: Chemical Imbalance in the Brain Causes Depression
  1250  -  Overcoming and Fixing Additions: How to Change Obsessive Thinking and Compulsive Behavior

  1249  -  Head vs. Heart: Power to Profound, Lasting Change and Futility of Goal Setting & Rule Following
  1248  -  Falling in Love is Mostly Intense Attraction: The Love that Falls is Not True Love: Standing is Better
  1247  -  Choosing and Committing to the Love that Stands and never Fails versus Falling In and Out of Love
  1246  -  Once and For All, where was President Barack Hussein Obama Really Born: Kenya or Hawaii?
  1245  -  Antidepressant Drugs Don't Cure the Real Cause of Depression: Getting at the Source of the Proble

Ask Dr Matt - 2014

  1244  -  Self Identity & Fulfillment: Beginning with the Right Questions, Climbing the Right Ladders in Life
  1243  -  Life On Center Stage Is Hell On Earth: Selfish, Ego-Centered Living Sucks Real Bad
  1242  -  Uncommitted Couples Living Together & having Casual Sex: A Recipe for Heartache & Trouble
  1241  -  Anti-Depression & Anti-Anxiety Drugs Mask and Muffle the Message that Life is Trying to Teach
  1240  Was I Just "Born This Way," destined to Be Bisexual or Gay? Do I Have a Choice to Be Another Way?

  1239  -  Why are People Violent? Nature or Nurture? Answers differ from Evolutionism to Creationism
  1238  -  How to Deal with a Frustrating Annoying Work Environment with Irritating Insulting Co-worker
  1237  -  Complex Conundrum: The Learning Paradox, You can't Learn Something, unless You already Know It
  1236  -  Unconscious Behavior is Real whereas a supposed Subconscious Mind is Theoretical Speculation
  1235  -  Magic vs. Working Hard: How Do I Overcome Low Self-Esteem Depression Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Ask Dr Matt - 2013

  1234  -  Abused by Parents Who Use Physical Aggression, Threats, and Violence to Enforce Parental Authority
  1233  -  Key Source of Emotional Feelings of Euphoria & Happiness: Creating and Maintaining Lasting Joy
  1232  -  The Myth of Multi-Tasking: Living your Best Life means Being in the Moment with Wholeness of Heart
  1231  -  Teaching is NOT just Telling: Learning the Art of Influence & Facilitating Inductive Discovery
  1230 -  Boyfriend Moves In and our Sex Life goes Down the Drain: The Thrill is Gone?

  1229  -  My Boyfriend is having Sexual Performance Problems: Should Sex Matter so Much to Me?
  1228  -  What is the Difference Between Bipolar Disorder and Border Line Personality Disorder?
  1227  -  Diagnosis versus Description: When Labeling and Pigeon-Holing is NOT helpful
  1226  -  Stuck in the Story: If you Run your Story long enough, your Story will end up Running You
  1225  -  Not Volunteering for Victimhood, Even though Victimized: For-Giving, For-Going, & For-Gettin

Ask Dr Matt - 2012

  1224  -  Climbing a Ladder leaning against the Wrong Wall: Diagnosis and Treatment of O.C.D.
  1223  -  I Need some Coping Mechanisms to Help me Deal with my Frustrated, Ridiculously Unhappy Life.
  1222  -  Why Do I Exist? What is the Purpose of Life? How Can Anyone Know Answers to these Questions?
  1221  -  Do I have Constitutional Liberty NOT to Buy ObamaCare or Can the Federal Government Force Me?
  1220  -  Why Do I Feel Extreme Mood Swings for No Apparent Reason?

  1219  -  The Difference Between Sex and Love: Does Past Abuse prevent Today's Fulfillment?
  1218  -  Please Explain the Mental Disorder Behind Creepy Stalking Behavior
  1217  -  He Shows the Signs of Being in Love: But what if My ex-Boyfriend is Just Using Me for Sex?
  1216  -  Terrorist Mentality: General Mudslinging Slander & Firing "Flock Shots" at General Targets
  1215  -  Am I Masturbating Too Much or Should I Just Stop

Ask Dr Matt - 2011

  1214  -  Do I have a Right to ask my Pregnant Girlfriend to have an Abortion?
  1213  -  The Possibility of Responding with Positive Emotions within Negative Moments
  1212  -  Inner Beauty versus the Superficial Looks of Barbi-doll Babes and Macho Men
  1211  -  Living Life from the Heart: The Richest Meaning of "Being in the Moment"
  1210  -  Love Does not Enable Others to Become More Selfish

  1209  -  What is Emotion? How can I Contain & Control Emotional Outbursts?
  1208  -  What is your Opinion about "Tapping Techniques" used to "Clear" Emotional Troubles?
  1207  -  After 25 Years, my Husband is Leaving Me and Filing for Divorce
  1206  -  The Source and Power to Overcome Selfish Narcissism
  1205  -  The Cure for Narcissism & the Key to a Joyful Life: Having A Humble Heart of Charity

Ask Dr Matt - 2010

  1204  -  Why Do I Feel Stuck in Sadness? Understanding Emotion as E-Motion = Energy in Motion
  1203  -  Difference Between Selfishness & Narcissism: Are Humans Selfish by Nature or Nurture?
  1202  -  I'm a Wreck: Losing Faith and Hope in Life. How to Escape My Hell Hole?
  1201  -  How To Leave My Best Friend because I've Fallen in Love with Someone Else?
  1200  -  The Weight of the World is on My Shoulders: I Feel Like I must Fix Everything

  1199  -  Just as Fish Swim, Cheaters Cheat: People who Cheat Now, will likely Cheat Later
  1198  -  Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Pushing Aside Doubt to Receive God's Promises
  1197  -  In love with a Lady that Lies: Can People Really Change?
  1196  -  I'm In Love with a Man who is Mean to Me. What Should I Do?
  1195  -  Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayers: Doesn't He Like me?

Ask Dr Matt - 2009

  1194  -   Bogged Down in the Thick of Thin Things, Part 4 Four
  1193  -   Entangled in the Thick of Thin Things, Part 3 Three
  1192  -   Trapped in the Thick of Thin Things, Part 2 Two
  1191   -   Stuck in the Thick of Thin Things, Part 1 One
  1190  -   After Cheating Twice, How Can I Trust My Husband? Wrong Question!

  1189   -   How do I Stop Worrying: the Way to Eliminate Worry and Fear
  1188  -   The Division of Response-Ability, and What it Means to Love Others
  1187  -   What does "Stripes" refer to in the Title of Your Book?
  1186  -   What Causes Narcissism? Can Extreme Selfishness Be Overcome?
  1185  -   Trapped in a Marriage with a Manipulative Woman: How to Get Out?

  1184  -   Remembering Yesterday's Troubles in a New Light: Stepping Stones vs. Stumbling Blocks
  1183   -   Friendships Flow, they Cannot Be Forced: Give Back what You Get
  1182   -   Why You Can't Directly "Think" Yourself into Being Happy!
  1181   -   He Doesn't Say "I Love You" anymore, but he Loves the Passion between Us
  1180  -   Can we ever give enough to those we love? Can we ever say "I Love You" too much?

  1179   -   Is Self-Love a Good or a Bad? Is Self-Love what God wants Me to Do?
  1178   -   My Boyfriend is Not Coming Around Anymore
  1177   -   I'm Married to a Two Time Cheater, What should I do?
  1176   -   If You Don't Like Change, You Don't Like Life: Change is Central to Life's Purpose
  1175   -   Homosexuality: Same-Sex Attraction is a Challenge similar to Opposite-Sex Enticements

  1174   -   You Possess the Final Veto Vote, but What if I'm Too Messed Up to Vote Right?
  1173   -   A Key for Your Best Response: The Difference between Facts and Truth
  1172   -   Giving Space and Respecting the Personal Prerogatives of Others
  1171   -   How to NOT be a Victim, even though You really have been Victimized
  1170    -   The Superior Alternative to Coping: Heart Remedy Brings a Brightness of Hope

  1169   -   A Perfect Answer to Abuse: Becoming Better than Before
  1168   -   Cheating: What Should I Do When I'm Left for Another Woman
  1167   -   Kicking Addictions: Basic Principles for Escaping the Gravity of Habit
  1166   -   Flowing with Mutual Attraction: The Principle of Giving Back What You Get
  1165   -   How the Past Lives in the Present by the Re-Membering You Do Today

  1164  -   Key to Motivation: the Push of Will Power vs. the Inspiration of Heart Power
  1163  -   What to Do When Attraction is One Sided: My Crush is Not Coming Back
  1162  -   Clearing Up Questions about Christianity: Faith, Good Works, Grace
  1161   -   Have Fears about Unfriendly Food: Can Faith overcome Contamination?
  1160  -   Self Deception: The Problem that You Don't "think" You have a Problem

  1159  -   Are There any Real Men on Earth that Want a Real Relationship — instead of just Sex
  1158  -   Responding Respectfully when even when Disrespected: Leaving A Legacy of Love
  1157  -   A Cure for the Blues: Depression Disappears Naturally by Being True to the Truth
  1156  -   Divorce and Christianity: What Did Jesus Christ teach about Divorce and Marriage?
  1155  -   Who has the Power to Veto Your Miserable Life? Responding to the Set Up called Life

Ask Dr Matt - 2008

  1154   -   Influencing Someone with an Addiction: How to Respond to an Alcoholic
  1153   -   Honoring a Dishonorable Vow: The Contradiction of Staying True to a Mistake
  1152   -   Letting Go of a Past Relationship: What to Do to Make the Hurt Go Away
  1151    -   Choosing to Be A Doormat: Self-Destructive Irony of Enabling Abuse
  1150   -   How to End a Vicious Cycle: Stopping a Self-Perpetuating Problem

  1149   -   To Master a Difficulty, we must Go Through It: Character is carved out of Affliction
  1148   -   Why Cheaters Cannot Do anything but Cheat: Scorpions will be Scorpions
  1147   -   Puzzled: What Should I Do When I'm Attracted to My Teacher?
  1146   -   Can You Care Too Much? Only when Caring is Conceived Incorrectly
  1145   -   What to Do when My Dream Woman is Not Behaving according to My Dream

  1144  -   Controlling Behavior: A Sure Way to Douse the Flames of Passion
 -   The Fragile Unstable Fate of Falling in Love: Standing in Love is Superior
  1142  -  Why Worry is a Waste of Time and Doesn't Work: Be Proactive, Take Action!
  1141   -   Dream of Trying to Find a Lost Baby: Finding Inner Innocence a Key to Life's Meaning
  1140    -   After the Marriage, a Different Man Appeared: Never Really Knowing your Mate

  1139  -   Married, but Falling In Love with Another Man: The Endless Allure of Adultery
  1138  -
  What to Do When Relationships are Filled with Conflict: Always Yelling and Fighting

  1137  -  An Alternative to Cause and Effect: the Behavior Realm operates via Constraint & Choice
  1136  -  Choosing Your Way into Depression: Turning It's-Not-Your-Fault Psychology on its Head.
  1135  -  Understanding the Emotional Self: Emotion is a Word to describe You-Being-Emotional

  1134  -   Understanding Anger: Do I Determine My Anger or is My Anger Determining Me?
  1133   -   E-motion IS Energy-In-Motion: Stopping Emotion is Like Stopping a Moving Train.
  1132   -   Faith & Works: Two Separate Words describing One Living Reality: Working-Faithfully
  1131   -   Freedom is a Word to describe You-Being-Free: "Freedom To" and "Freedom From"
  1130   -   Attention Deficit Disorder: You'd be Superman if You "had" A.D.D. 1000 Years Ago

  1129   -   The Difference between Self-Willed Perfectionism versus Being Perfected in Christ
  1128   -   Escaping Addiction: If You Chose Your Way In, You Can Choose Your Way Out     
  1127   -   Tell-Tale Signs that You are not Being True: All Your Troubles are in the JAR      
  1126   -   Refuting the "The Secret" DVD: Getting The Universe to Book an Appearance on Oprah
  1125   -   Factors that not only Lead to Attraction, but Make Relationships Stable

  1124   -   The Myth of Emotional Scars: Supposedly they Never Heal or Go Away — Wrong!
  1123   -   How to Know when You are Talking to Yourself, or If Satan is in Your Self-Talk     
  1122   -   Self-Mastery vs Mastery: Two Poems that contrast Head-Power vs Heart-Power      
  1121     -   Are You an Unwitting Propaganda Peddler, or An Email Forwarding Ideologue?
  -   All Telephone Counseling is NOT Created Equal: Dr Matt's Counseling Actually Works

  1119  -  Forgiveness Correctly Understood: Explanation by C. Terry Warner from Bonds That Make Us Free
  1118  -  Principles of Government established by the Founding Fathers: Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin
  1117  -  Christmas Message: Escaping a World of "Sound and Fury" to Hear and Receive Words of Worth
  1116  -  Turbulent Waters: A Poem by Dr Matt: In Times of Trouble We See the Size of Our Character
  1115  -  As A Man Thinketh in His Heart, and Not His Head: The Correct Interpretation of a Bible Proverb

  1114  -  Conceptual Flaws from the book Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when Stakes are High
  1113  -  Why People Can't Control their Emotions: If You Ain't Got It In You, Ya Can't Blow It Out
  1112  -  If you Live near Utah County, you can Come to Dr Matt's Office for Counseling
  1111  -  Does the Commerce Clause Authorize Federal Government to Force Citizens to buy Health Insurance?
  1110 -  The Difference between Coaching, Consulting, and Therapy — Dr Matt's Kind of Counseling

  1109  -  Intent Defines the Act: Why Inward Motives & Emotions determine the Definition of an Act
  1108  -  Others can Be Offensive, but they cannot Cause You to Be Offended, that is Your Choice to Make
  1107  -  Original Quotes authored by Dr Matt Moody, Ph.D. from his book Changing Your Stripes
  1106  -  To Perceive Pure Knowledge, You must Be Pure: Certain Insights cannot be Captured Intellectually
  1105  -  Self Deception: With every Betrayal of Your Own Sense of Inner Truth comes Blindness

  1104   -  All Stress is Self-Made: The Difference between a Stimulus / Stressor and a Stress Response
  1103  -  Quotes from the Changing Your Stripes Manual: C. S. Lewis, Albert Einstein, Kahlil Gibran, Socrates
  1102  -  More CYS Manual Quotes: Leo Buscaglia, Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Aristotle
  1101  -  Even More CYS Manual Quotes: Henry Ford, Martin Luther King Jr., Leo Tolstoy, Confucius
  1100 -  Why Social Psychology has a Superior Premise for Fixing Human Problems compared to Psychology

  1099  -  Fantastic Inspirational Quotes: Amazing Words of Wisdom from Intelligent and Wise Women & Men
  1098  -  What is the Difference between Falling in Love versus Standing in Love?
  1097  -  Affordable Fees Low Prices Competitive Costs for Dr Matt's Life Coaching
  1096  -  How To Tell If Someone is Lying with their Mouth or Emotion: Tell-Tale Signs of Deceit
  1095  -  Ask and Ye Shall Receive: How the Craze called "The Secret" has Twisted the Teachings of Jesus

Ask Dr Matt - 200

  1094  -  Sorting Out the Facts and Truth from an Enormous Pile of Propaganda posted on the Internet
1093  -  Superlative Parenting: Learning the Art of Influence Becoming a Shepherd NOT a Sheepherder
1092  -  What is Truth? Truth is NOT Just a Property of Accurate Language and Correct Perception
1091  -  I-ology! Old Hot Air in a New Balloon: Legitimizing Narcissism and Selfishness
1090  -  Does Microwave Cooking in Plastic Containers & Wrap Leach Cancer-Causing Chemicals into Food?

  1089  -  Why the Bible Advises: Put Away all Bitterness, Wrath, Anger, Malice, and Filthy Communication
  1088  -  Common Discrimination: Seeds of the Terrorist Mentality — Obama Sends Back the Bust of Churchill
  1087  -  The Myth of Mental Illness: The Medical Model vs Social Deviant Model — Crazy AND Accountable
  1086  -  Ronald Reagan's Speech "A Time For Choosing" Makes Political Points Completely Applicable Today
  1085  -  COICA Combating Online Infringement & Counterfeits Act: a Bill to Stop Theft of Copyrighted Info

  1084  -  Dr Matt's Telephone Counseling is More Affordable & Effective than Other Mental Health Alternatives
  1083  -  Is God's Love Conditional or Unconditional? Does Divine Love Look Different Depending on Choices?
1082  - Why is the RomneyCare Mandate Constitutional, if the ObamaCare Mandate is Unconstitutional?
1081     -  The Basic Differences Between RomneyCare & ObamaCare: 10th Amendment & Federalism Explained
1080  -  Michele Bachmann Thinks the Individual Healthcare Mandate is Unconstitutional at the State Level

  1079  -  Notes on Dr Matt's next book — Changing Your Stripes: Prejudice, Propaganda, and Perception
  1078  -  The Mormon Belief of Pre-Mortal Existence is a Bible Doctrine: Rebuttal to Robert W. Bowmann
  1077  -  Are Mitt Romney and Mormons "Christian," Do They Believe in Jesus Christ as the Only Savior?
  1076  -  Why Romneycare is a Problem of Perception & Prejudice, and Not a Constitutional Problem
  1075  -  Dr Matt provides Convenient Confidential Counseling for Performers and Rock Stars on the Road

  1074  -  Jesus is Savior & Redeemer: Two Titles that express Different Blessings for the Saved vs. Redeemed?
  1073  -  Rick Santorum making Straw-Man Arguments and Demagoguing the Issue of RomneyCare?
  1072  -  Family History Therapy: Cease Thinking about Yourself, and Turn Your Heart and Mind to your Ancestorare?
  1071     -  The 17 Points of the True Church of Jesus Christ as described by the Bible and Floyd Weston's Study Group
  1070  -  How to Avoid Corrupt Communications and Shun Vain Babblings

  1069  -  Online Family History Research Help: Learn Basics for Using Free Genealogy Website FamilySearch.org
  1068  -  The Possibilities of Perfection Today: Be Ye Therefore Perfect Even as Your Father in Heaven is Perfect
  1067  -  Counseling by Telephone - Affordable Prices - Schedule a No-Obligation, Free Consultation - CallDrMatt?
1066  -  Dr Matt's Second Son, Derick Moody, wrote a Book entitled The Divine Nature: Read Excerpts Here?
  1065  -  Love Yourself: the First Great Commandment of New-Age Philosophy, and a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

  1064  -  Spanish Fork High School Class of 1971 - List of all Living and Deceased Classmates 

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The Greatest Prize
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(Changing Your Stripes, 2nd Edition, p. 274).

The book, "Changing Your Stripes" presents principles for getting out of
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"Mastering a challenging situation
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