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Helping you . . . Is What I Do !

Dr Matt offers telephone counseling at affordable prices: Helping you through Life's many challenges, enhancing personal growth, and enriching relationships.

Here's the exciting thing: My services are just a phone call away. In the time it takes traveling to and from an average appointment, Dr Matt can meet your pressing needs and help you work through problems in the privacy of your home or office — or anywhere you happen to be on the road.

Dr Matt's Counseling Includes:

          * Relationship Conflict
          * Anger Management
          * Divorce Recovery
          * Relieving Stress
          * Parenting Issues
          * Dealing With Loss
          * Kicking Bad Habits
* Problems with Pornography
* Clear Communications
* Marriage Enrichment
* Same-Sex Attraction
* Overcoming Addictions
* Cause & Cure of Narcissism
* Coping with Controlling Spouse

How to Begin?

          * Schedule a Free Phone Consultation
          * Buy a copy of Changing Your Stripes 

I bring to each consultation insights that I have gleaned from more than 2 decades of helping people. I bring a mature perspective to your challenges: I've likely experienced problems similar to the ones you're going through.

Rock Star Supernova
 Connect the SINGERS with the SONGS 
on the week they performed!

Week 11 Performances:

Dilana: "Roxanne" The Police
                 "Super Soul" Dilana
Lukas Rossi: "Fix You" Coldplay
                 "Head Spin" Lukas Rossi
Magni: "Hush" — Deep Purple
"When the Time Comes" Magni
Toby Rand:
"Karma Police"Radiohead
"Throw It Away"
Toby Rand

Supernova Tracks:

Lukas Rossi: "It's All Love" — Supernova
"Be Yourself" Supernova

Bottom Two: Elimination Performances:

Magni:"Fire" — Jimi Hendrix      (Magni 1st to go!)
Toby Rand: "White Wedding" — Billy Idol 

Top Three: Final Performances:

Toby Rand: "Somebody Told Me" — The Killers      (Toby next to go!)
Dilana:  "Zombie" — The Cranberries      (Dilana offered recording contract)
Lukas Rossi: "Bittersweet Symphony" — The Verve      (Lukas becomes front man)

Week 10 Performances:

Dilana: "Behind Blue Eyes" The Who
                 "Super Soul" Dilana
Lukas Rossi: "Livin' on a Prayer" Bon Jovi
                 "Head Spin" Lukas Rossi
Magni: "Back in the USSR" — The Beatles
"When the Time Comes" Magni
Storm Large: "Suffragette City" David Bowie      (Dave Navarro on guitar)
               "Ladylike" Storm Large
Toby Rand:
"Mr. Brightside" The Killers
              "Throw It Away"
Toby Rand

Supernova Tracks:

Magni with Supernova: "It's All Love" Supernova

Bottom Three: Elimination Performances:

Storm Large: "Wish You Were Here" — Pink Floyd      (Storm Large leaves!)
Dilana: "I Want You to Want Me" — Cheap Trick
Lukas Rossi: "Head Spin" — Lukas Rossi

Week 9 Performances:

Dilana: "Mother Mother" Tracy Bonham       (Jill Gioia sang this song in week 6)
Lukas Rossi: "Lithium" Nirvana       (Dilana sang this song in week 1)
Magni: "I Alone" Live
Ryan Star: "Clocks" Coldplay
Storm Large: "Bring Me To Life" Evanescence      (Jill sang this in week 2 Elim. Perf.)
Toby Rand:
"Rebel Yell" Billy Idol       (Lucas Rossi sang this song in week 2)

Supernova Tracks:

Lukas Rossi with Supernova: "It's On" Supernova

Bottom Three: Elimination Performances:

Ryan Star: "Baba O'Reilly" — The Who      (Not gonna be the front man!)
Storm Large: "Helter Skelter" — The Beatles      (Patrice Pike sang this song in week 3)    
Dilana: "Psycho Killer" Talking Heads

Week 8 Performances:

Dilana: "Every Breath You Take" The Police
Lukas Rossi: "All These Things that I've Done" The Killers
Magni: "Smells like Teen Spirit" Nirvana
Patrice Pike: "Beautiful Thing" Patrice Pike       (This song is "too happy" for Nova)
Ryan Star: "Back of Your Car" Ryan Star
Storm Large: "Cryin" Aerosmith       (Storm sings the "hard-to-sing" song)
Toby Rand:
"Layla" Derek and the Dominos

Supernova Tracks:

Toby with Supernova: "Be Yourself and Five other Cliches" Supernova

Bottom Three: Elimination Performances:

Magni: "Fire" — Jimi Hendrix       (Magni's performance is flaming HOT!)
Patrice Pike: "Middle of the Road" — The Pretenders      (It's been a good run!)
Toby Rand:
"Plush" Stone Temple Pilots

Week 7 Performances:

Dilana: "Cat's in the Craddle" Harry Chapin
Lukas Rossi: "Hero" Chad Kroeger
Magni: "Starman" David Bowie
Patrice Pike: "Message in a Bottle" The Police
Ryan Star: "In the Air Tonight" Phil Collins
Storm Large: "I Will Survive" Gloria Gaynor      (Supernova didn't like this one)
Toby Rand:
"Solsbury Hill" Peter Gabriel
"Lluvia De Mar" Zayra Alvarez

Supernova Encore:

Dilana with Supernova: "Leave the Lights On" Supernova

Bottom Three: Elimination Performances:

Zayra Alvarez: "Razorblade" Blue October      (Hasta la vista, baby!)
Patrice Pike: "Celebrity Skin" — Hole      (Lucas Rossi sang this song in week 5)
Magni: "Creep" — Radiohead      (Lucas Rossi sang this song in week 6)

Week 6 Performances:

Dilana: "Won't Get Fooled Again" The Who      (Gilby Clark on lead guitar)
Jill Gioa: "Mother Mother" Tracy Bonham      (Jill jumps off the stage)
Josh Logan: "Interstate Love Song" Stone Temple Pilots      (Tommy on drums)
Lukas Rossi: "Creep" Radiohead
Magni: "The Dolphin's Cry" Live
Patrice Pike: "Instant Karma" John Lennon
Ryan Star: "Paint It Black" The Rolling Stones
Storm Large: "We are the Champions" Queen
"Burning Down the House" Talking Heads      (Toby sings in a megaphone)
"All the Young Dudes" David Bowie      (Zayra makes a fashion statement)

Clinic Performances
Storm and Josh did the best at this song writing clinic:

*  Storm Large: "It's gonna be my eulogy baby: Here lies me, no apologies"

*  Josh Logan: "But if I'm so wrong, somebody stop me"

Bottom Three: Elimination Performances:

Jill Gioa: "Respect" — Aretha Franklin      (End of the road!)
Josh Logan: "Shooting Star" — Bad Company      (Two cut tonight!)
Ryan Star: "Enjoy The Silence
" — Depeche Mode

Week 5 Performances:

Dana Andrews: "Baba O'Riley" The Who
: "Can't Get Enough"
Bad Company
Jill Gioa: "Don't You Forget About Me" Simple Minds
Josh Logan: "Santeria" Sublime
Lukas Rossi: "Celebrity Skin" Hole
Magni: "Clocks" Coldplay
Patrice Pike: "Higher Ground" Stevie Wonder      (with Tommy Lee on drums)
Ryan Star: "Losing My Religion" R.E.M.
Storm Large: "Changes" David Bowie
Toby Rand:
"Pennyroyal Tea" Nirvana
"867-5309" Tommy Tutone      (Zayra goes wild!)

Bottom Three: Elimination Performances:

Jill Gioa: "Alone" — Heart
Dana Andrews: "House of the Rising Sun" — The Animals      (Kicked to the curb!)
Patrice Pike: "Eternal Life" — Jeff Buckley

Week 4 Performances:

Dana Andrews: "About A Girl" Nirvana
: "Time After Time"
Cindi Lauper
Jill Gioa: "Brown Sugar" Rolling Stones      (Gilby Clark on lead guitar)
Josh Logan: "No Rain" Blind Melon
Lukas Rossi: "Bitter Sweet Symphony" The Verve
Magni: "
Heroes" — David Bowie
Patrice Pike: "Remedy" — The Black Crowes
Phil Ritchie: "One Headlight" — The Wallflowers
Ryan Star: "I Alone" Live
Storm Large: "Anything
Anything" — Dramarama
Toby Rand:
"White Wedding" Billy Idol
Zayra Alvarez:
"Call Me" Call Blondie      (another fashion statement!)

Bottom Three: Elimination Performances:

Patrice Pike: "My Iron Lung" — Radio Head
Zayra Alvarez: "Not An Addict" — K's Choice
Phil Ritchie: "Smoking Umbrellas" — Failure      (Gone with the wind!)

Week 3 Performances:

Dana Andrews: "It's My Life" Bon Jovi
: "Zombie"
The Cranberries
Jenny Galt: "Drive" Incubus
Jill Gioa: "All Right Now" Free
Josh Logan: "Come As You Are" Nirvana
Lukas Rossi: "Let's Spend the Night Together" The Rolling Stones
Magni: "Plush" Stone Temple Pilots
Patrice: "Helter Skelter" The Beatles      (Storm sings this song in week 9 Elim. Perf.)
Phil Ritchie: "White Rabbit" Jefferson Airplane      (Jason Newstead on bass guitar)
Ryan Star: "Fortunate Son" —
Credence Clearwater Revival
Storm Large: "Just What I Needed" The Cars
Toby Rand:
"Runaway Train" Soulasylum
Zayra Alvarez:
"Everybody Hurts" R.E.M.

Bottom Three: Elimination Performances:

Jenny Galt: "Vasoline" — Stone Temple Pilots      (Ba Bye)
Dana Andrews: "Highroad Easy" — Bass Jordan
Josh Logan: "Heart-Shaped Box" — Nirvana

Week 2 Performances:

Chris Pierson: "Take Me Out" Franz Ferdinand
Dana Andrews: "Born to be Wild" Steppenwolf
: "Ring of Fire"
Johnny Cash
Jenny Galt: "Tainted Love" Soft Cell
Jill Gioa: "Violet" Hole
Josh Logan: "She Talks to the Angels"
Lukas Rossi: "Don't Panic" Coldplay
Magni: "My Generation" The Who
Patrice Pike: "Heart-Shaped Box" Nirvana      (Storm sings this in week 9 Elim. Perf.)
Phil Ritchie: "If You Could Only See" Tonic
Ryan Star: "Jumpin Jack Flash" The Rolling Stones
Storm Large: "Surrender" Cheap Trick
Toby Rand:
"Somebody Told Me" The Killers
Zayra Alvarez:
"You Really Got Me" The Kinks

Bottom Three: Elimination Performances:

Jill Gioia: "Bring Me To Life" — Evanescence
Zayra: "You Really Got Me" The Kinks      (Rerun of yesterday with new outfit)
Chris Pierson: "If You Could Only See" Tonic      (Numero Dos . . . Adios!)

Week 1 Performances:

Chris Pierson: "Roxanne" — The Police
Dana Andrews: "I'm the Only One" — Melissa Etheridge
Dilana: "Lithium" — Nirvana       (Lucas Rossi sings this song in week 9)
Jenny Galt: "How You Remind Me" — Nickelback
Jill Gioa: "Piece of My Heart" —
Janis Joplin
Josh Logan:
"With Arms Wide Open" Creed
Lukas Rossi: "Rebel Yell" — Billy Idol       (Toby Rand sings this song in week 9)
Magni: "Satisfaction" — The Rolling Stones
Matt Hoffer: "Yellow" — Coldplay
Patrice Pike: "Somebody to Love" — Jefferson Airplane
Phil Ritchie: "Cult of Personality" — Living Colour
Ryan Star: "Iris" — The Goo Goo Dolls
Storm Large: "Pinball Wizard" — The Who
Toby Rand:
"Knockin' on Heaven's Door" — Bob Dylan
Zayra Alvarez:
"Bring Me To Life"

Bottom Three: Elimination Performances:

Chris Pierson: "L.A. Woman" — The Doors
Phil Ritchie: "Stars" — Switchfoot
Matt Hoffer: "Planet Earth" — Duran Duran      (First one to go!)

Jill Gioia — Long Island, New York
Jill is the BEST SINGER of the bunch, but not the right fit for Supernova 

"Mother Mother" — Tracy Bonham                            WEEK 6 
"Respect" — Aretha Franklin                                            WEEK 6   bottom three
"Don't You Forget About Me" — Simple Minds
        WEEK 5
"Alone" — Heart                                                               
WEEK 5   bottom three
"Brown Sugar" — Rolling Stones                                 
"All Right Now" — Free                                                    WEEK 3
"Violet" — Hole                                                                   
"Bring Me To Life" — Evanescence                               WEEK 2   bottom three
"Piece of My Heart" — Janis Joplin
                                WEEK 1

Just for Fun! Here's a real Rock Star, a consumate Guitar Artist:
"For the Love of God" —
Steve Vai

Not All Telephone Counseling is created equal! .

       My affordable and convenient service is effective for three reasons:

1.   I have the knowledge and experience necessary to answer almost any quandary
       or quagmire. I've been helping people find solutions for more than 20 years.

2.  I don't offer the same ideas or intervention compared to a typical therapist,
       psychologist, or psychiatrist — What I offer actually works! I teach
       powerful principles that bring about the only change that matters:

The only change that matters is a change of heart,
every other change alters us cosmetically but not fundamentally,
modifies how we appear, what we do or what we say,
but does not change who we are
- C. Terry Warner.

3.  I use a unique resource, "Changing Your Stripes," a book specifically written
       to supplement private telephone counseling.
It contains every idea and principle
       that will solve your situation. My Book presents an intelligent explanation of:

        * The Animal that You Are:     SELF,
* The Zoo You Live In:   your SITUATION, and the principles for
* Recovering the True You:   SOLUTIONS

The Principles detailed in Changing Your Stripes will be a reinforcing anchor to ideas discussed in our phone counseling sessions. And when each session ends, I will continue talking and explaining powerful principles through the book, as you read the pertinent parts I will point out.

When Changing Your Stripes is studied conscientiously, telephone consultations will actually be more effective than "face to face" counseling. Here's more good news: My fees are less than the cost of traditional therapy, while the healing and help are greater.

Do the math: Get more, pay less!

Any Questions?

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