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Helping you . . . Is What I Do !

Dr Matt offers telephone counseling at affordable prices: Helping you through Life's many challenges, enhancing personal growth, and enriching relationships.

Here's the exciting thing: My services are just a phone call away. In the time it takes traveling to and from an average appointment, Dr Matt can meet your pressing needs and help you work through problems in the privacy of your home or office — or anywhere you happen to be on the road.

Dr Matt's Counseling Includes:

          * Relationship Conflict
          * Anger Management
          * Divorce Recovery
          * Relieving Stress
          * Parenting Issues
          * Dealing With Loss
          * Kicking Bad Habits
          * Same-Sex Attraction
          * Marriage Enrichment
          * Clear Communications
          * Overcoming Addictions
          * Problem with Pornography
          * Cause and Cure of Narcissism
          * Coping with Controlling Spouse

Not All Telephone Counseling is created equal! .

       My affordable and convenient service is effective for three reasons:

1.   I have the knowledge and experience necessary to answer almost any quandary
       or quagmire. I've been helping people find solutions for more than 20 years.

2.  I don't offer the same ideas or intervention compared to a typical therapist,
       psychologist, or psychiatrist — What I offer actually works! I teach
       powerful principles that bring about the only change that matters:

The only change that matters is a change of heart,
every other change alters us cosmetically but not fundamentally,
modifies how we appear, what we do or what we say,
but does not change who we are
- C. Terry Warner.

3.  I use a unique resource, "Changing Your Stripes," a book specifically written
       to supplement private telephone counseling.
It contains every idea and principle
       that will solve your situation. My Book presents an intelligent explanation of:

        * The Animal that You Are:     SELF,
* The Zoo You Live In:   your SITUATION, and the principles for
* Recovering the True You:   SOLUTIONS

The Principles detailed in Changing Your Stripes will be a reinforcing anchor to ideas discussed in our phone counseling sessions. And when each session ends, I will continue talking and explaining powerful principles through the book, as you read the pertinent parts I will point out.

When Changing Your Stripes is studied conscientiously, telephone consultations will actually be more effective than "face to face" counseling. Here's more good news: My fees are less than the cost of traditional therapy, while the healing and help are greater.

Do the math: Get more, pay less!

How to Begin?

       *   Buy a copy of Changing Your Stripes 
       *   Make a Commitment

I bring to each consultation insights that I have gleaned from more than 2 decades of helping people. I bring a mature perspective to your challenges: I've likely experienced problems similar to the ones you're going through.

Comfortable and Competent . . .

For counseling to be effective, you need to feel comfortable with who I am. If you will trust me to help you, you must feel assured that I am competent.

You can discern whether I am the best person to help you by simply getting in touch with your own intuitions as you read the info at this website — it will feel right.

Any Questions?


Social Psychologist & Personal Advisor

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