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Acting on a 60-year old Grudge:  
Sending Back the Bust of Sir Winston Churchill

Common Discrimination — The Seed of A Terrorist Mentality
by Matt Moody, Ph.D.  

So why send back a bust of Winston Churchill, when Clement Richard Attlee was the Prime Minister during Hussein Onyango Obama's 1949 jail term and alleged torture? If Barack Obama is going to hold and grudge, he needs to at least aim his resentful venom at the correct target — preferably the person(s) who did the actual torture and/or the person(s) who gave the orders.

In the Distorted Prism of Discrimination, all you need is a Brit, to be Blamed.

You've heard of Racial Discrimination, and Religious Discrimination, . . . how about Country Discrimination — Country Profiling! Obviously, All people from Britain are all the SAME! Damn Brits! And All British Prime Ministers are the SAME too! Hating them ALL makes sense! Especially hanging on to the HATE sixty 60 years later!

In a recent Glenn Beck Program, Mr. Beck offered his sympathetic commentary about Obama returning the bust of Winston Churchill — a return that symbolized of Obama's disgust at British soldiers who abused his grandfather more than a half-century before.

Beck encouraged the audience to think of the Bust-Return in terms of Canadian Abuse, a.k.a., Country Profiling. Glenn said, "If I were the President of the United States and that happened in my family — my grandfather had been tortured by Canada -- ya damn right I wouldn't have a statue of the Prime Minister in my office. And I would say 'take it back'."

Since when can an entire "country" (Canada or Britain) torture anyone? Truth is, only specific people can engage in torture. Who were the soldiers that abused Obama's grandfather? Were they acting under direct orders from higher up? Or was this a "William Calley-like" instance where the decision to torture was independent and rogue?

Even if the "torture" orders went all the way up to the top, then the buck stops at a "specific" Prime Minister — Clement Richard Attlee . . . and NOT Winston Churchill. Discrimination concludes: Ah, they're both damn Brits!

Though many people sympathize with the Bust-Returning symbolism, curiously, the sentiment smacks of a Terrorist Mentality, or general bigotry at least. How so?

Let's imagine a Mormon (or Catholic or Jew or Black or Martian. etc.) abused my grandfather, 60 years ago. Now, if I were a Terrorist, or just a bigot like Robert Bird used to be, I would hate all Mormons (or Catholics or Jews or Blacks or Martians. etc.). Ya damn right I would . . . for that thing one Mormon did 60 years ago — damn Mormons.

As a result of my GENERAL hatred, I would travel to a place where lots of Mormons (or Catholics or Jews or Blacks or Martians, etc.) are, and I'd toss a bomb in a building full of Mormons (or Catholics or Jews or Blacks or Martians, etc.) — that's what I'd do if I were a Terrorist.

But if I were just a bigot like Robert Bird used to be, I'd send back the bust of George Albert Smith — the President of the Mormons 60 years ago. And I'd send that bust back to Thomas Spencer Monson in 2010 — coz, he's a damn Mormon too (or a damn Catholic or Jew or Black or Martian too).

A great many people think they are thinking
when they are really just rearranging their prejudices.

— William James  

Terrorists are notorious for firing Flock Shots! A Flock Shot occurs when a person GENERALLY AIMS and shoots at a GENERAL FLOCK, instead of aiming at and shooting a specific culpable Duck — that's a Flock Shot (Here's a more detailed explanation of Flock Shots)

Now, for a REAL example of Country Discrimination and the Terrorist Mentality:

Army Psychiatrist, Nidal Malik Hasan, fired Flock Shots into a random group of Americans — killing 13. Why did he do this? Was it because an American insulted (or abused or stole-from or tortured or killed) his grandfather, 60 years ago.

REMEDY: The alternative to the Terrorist Mentality and shooting Flock Shots at general groups: Holding SPECIFIC PEOPLE accountable for the words they said and the deeds they do.

But it makes sense that Obama should BLAME Churchill for abuse that happened during the Clement Richard Attlee administration! Why so? Because Obama has a habit of BLAMING boo boos on previous presidents. Remember, Bush is to blame for the Border, the Bad Economy, and the Gulf Disaster in 2010 — even though he is no longer the President of the USA.

Blaming Winston Churchill for what happened under the Attlee Administration is an act of generalizing predjudice: It is shooting Flock Shots at the Leaders of a Country — for the sins of one particular leader. Discrimination: The Seed of the Terrorist Mentality!

Have you yet read the misleading headline: Churchill tortures Barack Obama's grandfather? This headline is clearly misleading.

Again, Hussein Onyango Obama was arrested and jailed in 1949, during the Clement Richard Attlee administration; Atlee was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1945 to October 26, 1951. There are some Internet accounts that have Obama's grandfather incarcerated for two 2 years, but the documentation on that time span is questionable. Barack Obama's book entitled "Dreams from My Father," has grandpa Obama being imprisoned for "more than 6 months."

The prison term and the torture may have lasted seven or eight months — maybe nine. Clearly "more than 6 months," is an estimate. But if the incarceration really lasted two 2 years, why is Barack Obama stating "more than 6 months" in his book?

The "2 year" span is attributed to a "family" source — most likely Granny Sarah Onyango in a Dec. 2008 article, and is most likely an embelliment by a woman who also claimed that she witnessed the birth of Barack in . . . Kenya.

Further, blaming Prime Minister Attlee for torturous acts that may not have had his approval, is a generalizing leap that smacks of discrimination. Here's the illogical thought process: If one British person does something bad, then you hate and blame all British people for the actions of ONE person — with the Blame going all the way to the Top: The Prime Minister. Maybe Attlee was culpable? I stick with innocent until proven guilty until convincing evidence proves otherwise.

But what about "the Buck stops here"?

It is common to blame EVERYTHING bad that happens in a country, or ANYTHING bad that is remotely related to a country, . . . upon the President or Prime Minister of that Country.

Truth is, there are a myriad of accidents and abuses that a President or Prime Minister has nothing to do with. A Higher and Better Principle is this: The Division of Response-AbliltyIf It Comes Out Of You, . . . It is Yours!

Remember: Common Discrimination is the Seed of the Terrorist Mentality! So instead of thinking like a Terrorist and shooting Flock Shots (generalizing predjudice and discrimintation) at groups, hold SPECIFIC PEOPLE accountable and Response-Able for the words they say and the deeds they do.

Dr Matt

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