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The Original Un-Therapist:
.Principles for Un-Medicated Living .

Social Psychologist & Personal Advisor

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Un-Medicated Living: Joyful and Vibrant!

Dr Matt offers a principle-based approach that facilitates lasting change in Who You Are from the heart. His affordably priced service is a convenient alternative to traditional psychology: Dr Matt will help you through your troubles without the use of mind-&-body altering substances; he does not use or advocate ineffective methods of mental health therapy that too-often seek solutions through Pills — instead of applying True Principles!

While taking medications may be popular, and sometimes it’s absolutely the right thing to do, in many cases it's just the easy thing to do — and the root cause of a problem is not directly addressed. Instead the source of the problem is masked and often denied.

When you work at Life hard, then Life flows easy;
But when you attempt the easy way,
then Life happens hard.
  Life is Self-Correcting: 
If you're
not doing Life right,
then Life will make sure you are properly notified.

Owning Response-Ability for the unsettled emotions & bad behavior that comes out of you, may be hard to swallow, but here is the liberating truth: If you have chosen your way into your personal problems, then YOU can choose your way back out of those problems. Life will naturally teach you that Owning Response-Ability is the best way . . . and it works!

In an over-medicated society, many are "fooling themselves" as to the truth of their predicament, and they wallow in a medicated-haze of imitation happiness instead of basking in the joyful euphoria of vibrant, clear-headed, Un-Medicated Living.

What's the Difference . . . Therapy, Coaching, or Consulting?

Consulting, Coaching, and Therapy are distinct professional services, each having different goals:

COACHING is a professional relationship where a “coach” supports clients in identifying goals and achieving them; as goals are identified, a “coach” assists and motivates clients toward goal attainment.

THERAPY is a professional relationship where a “therapist” supports an individual who is not functioning well due to physical, emotional, or psychological difficulties, and provides “diagnosis” and “treatment” of that dysfunction according to established standards of the mental health professions.

CONSULTING is a professional relationship where a “consultant” or "advisor" provides expertise to functioning people, or organizations, lacking in the knowledge and experience that the consultant possesses. A consultant should be highly trained and educated in the area of claimed expertise; an advisor educates, teaches, and recommends courses of action.

What Dr Matt is Providing . . .

What I offer should not be confused with "coaching." Because I am highly trained specialist in the science of human interaction (Social Psychology), I provide expert advice and insights into personal and relationship problems. On the other hand, what I offer should not be confused with "mental health therapy." Generally speaking, mental health therapists diagnose mental disorders.

As a Personal Advisor and Relationship Consultant, I do not diagnose or treat . . . nor do I care to! Soren Kierkegaard taught: "Once you label me, you negate me." Instead of analyzing for the purpose of categorizing and labeling, my aim is to understand you and your situation, so I can teach you the principles that will get you out of the ditch in which you find yourself, and get you moving "up the mountain” for higher elevations is where the best life is lived!

Dr Matt Does Not Do Therapy

When therapists diagnose a disorder, they evaluate emotional and behavioral patterns that fit into categories. And for a fee, the client is given a ”label,” i.e., Bipolar, Obsessive Compulsive, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, or Attention Deficit & Hyperactive Disorder, etc. Labeling a problem does not empower a person to solve that problem. I prefer to focus upon the specific realities that confront you (whatever they are), rather than pigeon-hole you into a diagnostic category, and pin a label upon you.

No matter what labels are used to name your problems, you still need to work your way out of the habits that hold you hostage. This means, I do not "treat" mental disorders, instead I help emotionally healthy people meet life's many challenges by advising and educating them to principle-based solutions.

My Fields of Expertise: Social Psychology & Family Sociology

Social Psychology is the scientific study of human relationships: How people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are reciprocally influenced by one another, as well as by groups of people.

Social Psychology includes the following issues & topics: Group Influence, Conformity, Social Perception, Person Perception, Self-Presentation, Self-Esteem, Cognitive Dissonance Theory, Stereotyping, Prejudice, Discrimination, Attribution Theory, Aggression, Altruism, Attraction, Attitude Formation and Change, Persuasion, and the phenomena of Love & Hate.

Family Sociology includes the following issues & topics: The Family over Time, Family Formation, Dating, Mate Selection, Loving & Intimate Relationships, Sexuality, Cohabitation, Marriage, Gender Roles, Marital Adjustment, Marital Stability & Satisfaction, Parenthood, Child Socialization, Parenting, Family Conflict, Divorce, Divorce and Children, Remarriage, Family Blending, Marriage and Family in Later Life, and Redefining the Modern Family.


Information at CallDrMatt.com, and the content of Dr Matt's email and telephone consultations, is intended for your educational enrichment. This information is not intended to be used in lieu of appropriate medical, emotional, or behavioral therapy. Email and telephone consultations with Dr Matt do not diagnose disease: physical, mental, or emotional. Dr Matt’s consulting service is not considered "mental health therapy" as defined by State Law.

Dr Matt does not treat mental or emotional diseases; instead, he informs, advises, and educates emotionally stable individuals according to his expertise in the science of Social Psychology; he counsels functioning individuals who are temporarily struggling with one of life’s many challenges.

Principle-Based Counseling
from the Heart . . . . not the Head 
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