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The Divine Nature
by Derick Moody

6 X 9 Perfect Binding 227 pages

$11.95 + S&H
(For orders within the USA only).



The Divine Nature

"Charity is more than enduring insults; it is loving the insulter.
The pure love of Christ returns good in the face of evil.
Charity is not self-righteous restraint or polite
avoidance, but running to rescue the sinner."

"One should not assume ego behind every rebuke;
giving counsel does not always connote ... conceit;
admonition does not automatically equate arrogance,
and advice is not necessarily evidence of condescension."

"They will say 'I'm just joking,' as if masking maliciousness
as some sort of comical sport, exempts them from all penalties.
But to their surprise, one day they will find that cruel clowning has
consequences, and that even jesters must face judgment."

"How can we expect to eliminate loneliness
when we build electronic walls around ourselves,
and block the progress of real relationships? There is
no 'app' to replace the power of human touch;
there is no technology to substitute for
a smile, hand shake or embrace."

"Although the self-righteous are quick
to utter outrage against sinners, they can barely
keep pace with the speed at which serial sinners accuse
genuinely good souls of being self-righteous."

"Destiny is not an endowment
and will not drag you along by a leash.
Your destiny will not be obtained by talent,
but by sacrifice: the sacred service you bring to
Godly alters, unto the Master of your Divine Nature."



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"Day by busy day, we carry on with life’s repetitive projects
hardly noticing one of Heaven’s most remarkable revelations.
Whether due to routine or to ignorance, far too many people live life
with the passion of a sleepwalker. Hours and opportunities pass by like
cars on a highway, and though we are trapped in the heavy traffic
of God’s fortune, many seem stuck in a senseless stare."

"With each passing minute, millions of people miss out
on some of God’s most resplendent sermons. Wherever you go
and whatever you do -- talking on a phone, driving to work, walking
down the hall of a building, or even gazing in a mirror -- heavenly and
sacred secrets are revealing themselves in every moment. In light
of such pervasive exposure, It would seem inappropriate
to label something a 'secret,' were it not for the
pandemic disregard its reception."

"It’s time to awaken from predictable daily droning
and begin listening for the sounds of Celestial testimony...
Have you heard the testimony of the stars or listened to the voice
of knowledge coming from the very earth upon which you stand?
The earth, stars and space are a resonating record of God’s work;
however, there still remains a far more powerful and pervasive
proclamation than that which comes from the beautiful
background of Life. It is in Life’s foreground
that we find this ever-flowing, yet
untapped stream of wisdom."

"Logically it follows that the greatest commandment in the law
coincides with the most important purpose for our lives. So you do not
have to hunt down a meditating hermit on top of the Himalayas to find the
the meaning of your existence; the answer is right before you in plain language.
And you should not be surprised to see that Love is the pivotal principle in both
the first and second commandments! Just as a painting hangs on a one single
nail in a wall, the weight of every prophecy, moral teaching, sacred
ritual and celestial law is suspended on one central
purpose: Love of God and neighbor."