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Buzz about American Idol — Season 8

By Dr Matt 

Top 5 Contestants

Dr Matt's weekly review of American Idol from the Top Thirty Six Singers to the Final Two:

36 - 1       36 - 2       36 - 3       Wild Card     13     11     10  
  9       8       7       6      5       4       3       Final 2

Greeting American Idolaters Everywhere:

To be the final 5 out of 100,000 contestants is a fantastic accomplishment! Congrats to ALL! At this point in the game, I'm not highly invested in promoting any particular singer over the other.

Personally, I would expect that Adam, Danny, and Allison make Top 3 based upon talent. But Allison has been in the Bottom Three a few times now, and may not make it that far — though I believe she should if people vote on BEST singing. Then again, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

It's always fun to see your expectations get turned upside down.

Down to the final five contestants, and Adam is the only one
who is performing with the confidence and skill of a winner!

Tuesday, April 28th, 8:00 pm EDT

America Online Poll - Pre-show
The Popular Vote — from Lowest to Mowest:  

          13.  Jasmine Murray          
   12.  Jorge Nunez           
  11.  Alexis Grace           
10.  Michael Sarver   
        9.  Megan Corkrey        
8.  Scott MacIntyre         
 Lil Rounds                      
      6.  Anoop Desai               
       5.  Matt Giraud = 0        
           4.  Allison Iraheta - 2         
    3.  Danny Gokey = 0   
   2.  Kris Allen + 2         
      1.  Adam Lambert = 0 


Dr Matt's Red-Hot Reflections:

Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen switch places, compared to last week's AOL Poll. Sixteen hours after the show, the only influence that the actual performances have had in the American Idol AOL Poll, is that Danny Gokey moved ahead of Kris Allen to the #2 position, and Kris dropped to #3. Allison and Matt Giraud appear to be on the bubble.

The person put in the Pimp Spot will have a slight advantage in voting totals. It will be interesting if either Matt or Allison are put there. With few exceptions, the last spot is typically given to a performance that the A-I Producers KNOW will be a show stopper. So, it's not JUST politics that puts a performer in this spot (most of the time) . . . if contestants make a good song choice, and deliver a great performance in rehearsals, then they will be rewarded accordingly. Most of the time, the Pimp Spot is a recognition of merit.

Dial Idol Results for the Second Top 7
from Less to Best:

     5.  Matt Giraud = 0      
   4.  Kris Allen + 2          

                                3.  Allison Iraheta + 4 (7th last week)  
      2.  Adam Lambert = 0  
   1.  Danny Gokey + 2  

Last week, the AOL Poll was exactly right, and amazingly Dial Idol was wrong. This week, both polls have Matt Giraud as being eliminated, and I'd be very surprised if it doesn't happen exactly that way.

Last week's elimination:

 7 - Lil Rounds"I'm Every Woman"
        Home Town: Memphis, Tennessee

Different from what I consider the best female singers on the planet, Lil does not have classic control over her vibrato; instead, she slides around innaccurately, singing notes that shouldn't be. Lil has an annoying warbling quality to her voice; most of the time, you don't notice it because her "shouting" draws your attention away from this fact. Needless to say, I didn't enjoy listening to her performance — and apparently, neither did America, and that is why she's GONE with the Wind!

 6 - Anoop Desai"Dim All The Lights"
        Home Town: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Loved Anoop's interpretation of this song A LOT! Anoop turned the corner, in my view; he is no longer the "college guy trying to be a professional singer," lately, he comes across a a believe-able singing artist. I thought America might champion this dark horse to higher heights, but his LUCK has ran out!

Dr Matt's Red-Hot Rankings from Less to Best
* Songs from the Big Band/Rat Pack Era*

 5 - Matt Giraud"My Funny Valentine"
        Home Town: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Song Choice. Great Song . . . but not a great performance. Adam Lambert could have sold this song easily; and I think Anoop Desai could have done it justice too! Matt has a "diction" problem. He doesn't shape his vowels right; and this shows up prominently when he sings a slow ballad like this.

Matt needs to stay with up tempo songs that he can embellish with his jazz riffs: Ray Charles-like songs. This slow ballad . . . induced a slow death for Matt. I think he's definitely GONE after this one.

Simon thought Matt's performance was brilliant, and the other three judges were luke-warm. I'm with the majority on this one.

 4 - Kris Allen "The Way You Look Tonight"
        Home Town: Conway, Arkansas

Kara and Paula were drooling all over Kris's performance. GAG! Once you've heard Michael Buble sing this song . . . Kris's attempt, in comparison, doesn't come close. Didn't like his redition much, though I give him 4th position because his vocal quality was better than Matt Giraud.

Simon was the only one who wasn't drooling all over this performance. Simon got it right! The other 3 Judges seemed to be reading from a previously prepared script — especially Kara and Paula, who gave remarks fresh from a can (which means, . . . not so fresh, and NOT in the moment, like Simon's candid assessment).

By the way, Paula's comments NEED TO BE previously scripted (fresh from a can), because she's mostly inarticulate — which is why the articulate, and to the point, comments of Kara are a welcome addition to the Judging Panel.

 3 - Allison Iraheta"Someone To Watch Over Me"
        Home Town: Los Angeles, California

Because Allison is 17 years old, she has NO experience to provide the right emotional tone of this song. Plus, her tendency to POWER through certain phrases really did not work with a song that needs to be interpreted with sensitivity.

Amazingly, it is a 14 year old's interpretation of this song, that has made it hard for me to enjoy Allison's version. Listen to Renee Olstead singing "Someone To Watch Over Me" (you have to endure a 15 second advertisement). Jean Louisa Kelly sings it great as well.

Again, when you've heard the more senstive interpretations, the POWER version just doesn't fly.

 2 - Danny Gokey"Come Rain Or Come Shine"
        Home Town: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I agree with Randy Jackson on this one. On the previous perfomances (Matt, Kris, and Allison), Kara and Paula were ranting about making emotional connection, BUT Randy reminds: this is a singing competition, and Danny Gokey sang his face off.

While his singing was GREAT, I felt that the crescendo/build-up to the end seemed contrived. It could been more subtle, and more genuine. It's like, the musical score had "START GROWLING HERE" written on it, and he did so, right on cue. Danny's performance was stronger than Matt's and Kris's. Alison sang as strong, but her interpretation just wasn't right.

 1 - Adam Lambert"Feelin' Good"
        Home Town: Los Angeles, California

Unlike, Kris and Matt, who suffered from comparisons, Adam took command of his version of "Feelin' Good," . . . thus, I never really thought about how much I like Michael Buble's recording of this song (and I LOVE his version A LOT). But this is the kind of confidence Adam has on stage: he simply captures the moments and draws you in — something he's learned to do through years of theatrical training.

Who's going home tonight?

Matt was "saved" 2 weeks ago, but his elimination is inevitable, simply because all the other contestants around him are solid performers. He might have made it one more week with a GREAT performance — but great was NOT what we got. I say Matt's GONE.

It they reveal a Bottom Three, it should be Matt, Kris, and Allison. I don't even expect Kris or Allison to go. It will be interesting to see how the Am Idol Producers try to jerk our chains this week, with unexpected surprises and "fake outs."

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Matt wears a hat again, so the audience is not distracted by the mole
on his forehead. Kicked to the Curb for now, but congrats for making Top 5!

Top 5 Results Show: the Contestant Kicked to the Curb

Lil Rounds is called out right from the top of the show. Ryan Seacrest does his typical "fake out" word game: "I'm sorry to tell you . . . you'll be sticking around for a few more weeks . . . but, NOT with the other contestants . . . you'll be sticking around with your 3 kids . . . back in home in Tennesee " (Something like that). They HAD TO eliminate Lil right off, so they could have her sing at the top of the show.

Prior to Lil's departure, the Recycled 7 sang a Jackson-5 classic "Shake Your Body," while doing Paula Abdul choreography. Hey for a bunch of singers, they dance pretty good! Of course, it was LIP-Synch city again. What's up with that? PLuuuuuuuueeeeese give me a live performance.

Then again, the 3 stars from the Disco Era SHOULD HAVE lip-synched their songs. Were you as embarrassed as I was at these performances? Freda Payne singing "Band of Gold" was weak. Poor girl was barely hitting the right notes, and she sounded out of breath through out.

Thelma Houston has still got the pipes to sing "Don't Leave Me This Way," but for Heaven's Sake girl, . . . showing cleavage at this age is NOT a good fashion choice! KC looked like a deer in the headlight throughout, and without his harem of disco chick heaving and gyrating around him, this number would have been a total Snore-fest!

And to finish with KC without his Sunshine Band . . . BAD move. The rule of thumb is this: Save the BEST for last! HELLO! Does the word "Crescendo" have any relevance here? They should have put Thelma in the Pimp Spot, and given her a dress 1 size larger to sing in. That would have worked.

And with KC, they needed to disorient the audience with flashing strobe lights, so they could quite perceive the pathetic-ness before them. And Freda, . . . lip snyching a good recording would have been a plus.

While I'm totally trashing the Am Idol Results Show, the David Archeleta performance? . . . Can you say "Song Choice?" It's just the wrong song for him. And those lyrics, GAG: "Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand . . . Reach out as far as you can . . . Only me, only you, and the band . . . Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand" Archie's voice sounded strange. This song does NOT show off his talents very well. The performance was a big let down for me.

Anoop Desai and Allison Iraheta are presented as the Bottom Three (along with previously departed Lil). It was good drama to imagine Allison leaving the show, but the more obvious result happened: Bye Bye Anoop Dog!

Dr Matt

Read next week's American Idol review -----> Top 4


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