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Buzz about American Idol — Season 8

By Dr Matt 

Top 4 Contestants

Dr Matt's weekly review of American Idol from the Top Thirty Six Singers to the Final Two:

36 - 1       36 - 2       36 - 3       Wild Card     13     11     10  
  9       8       7       6       5      4      3       Final 2

On Yeong Haseyo American Idolaters:

Down to the Final Four: Whoopee! Expectations High for this week. Rock N' Roll Baby! Considering all the great Rock song to choose from, you'd think that this show would be . . . FANTASTIC!

It delivered here and there, but fell flat on it's face more often than not.

Adam sings "Whole Lotta Love" at the top of the show, and
every number to follow, was a let down.

America Online Poll - Post-show May 5th
The Popular Vote — from Lowest to Mowest:  

          13.  Jasmine Murray          
   12.  Jorge Nunez           
  11.  Alexis Grace           
10.  Michael Sarver   
        9.  Megan Corkrey        
8.  Scott MacIntyre         
 Lil Rounds                      
      6.  Anoop Desai               
       5.  Matt Giraud               
 4.  Kris Allen - 2         
             3.  Allison Iraheta + 1         
     2.  Danny Gokey + 1    
       1.  Adam Lambert = 0 

Dr Matt's Red-Hot Reflections:

Matt Giraud was booted last week, just as I expected! Allison Iraheta and Danny Moved up one spot from last week, and Kris Allen dropped two spots. I haven't yet looked at the Dial Idol results, but I would be surprised if Kris Allen is NOT on the bottom of those predictions. Let's look at Dial Idol's results:

Dial Idol Results for the Second Top 4
from Less to Best:

           4.  Allison Iraheta - 1  
                      3.  Kris Allen + 1                      

        2.  Danny Gokey - 1  
1.  Adam Lambert + 1  

Last week, the AOL Poll was exactly right, and Dial Idol got it right with Matt Giraud. This week, the numbers are very close between Allison and Kris — less than one percentage point separate them. In contrast, Adam is the only contestant that is completely safe, with NO statistical chance of being booted.

That's just how good he was singing: Whole Lotta Love! Honestly, I liked it MORE than Jimmy Page! His performance was volcano-molten-lava hot!

Last week's elimination:

 5 - Matt Giraud"My Funny Valentine"
        Home Town: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Song Choice. Great Song . . . but not a great performance. Adam Lambert could have sold this song easily; and I think Anoop Desai could have done it justice too! Matt has a "diction" problem. He doesn't shape his vowels right; and this shows up prominently when he sings a slow ballad like this.

Matt needs to stay with up tempo songs that he can embellish with his jazz riffs: Ray Charles-like songs. This slow ballad . . . induced a slow death for Matt. I think he's definitely GONE after this one.

Simon thought Matt's performance was brilliant, and the other three judges were luke-warm. I'm with the majority on this one.

Dr Matt's Red-Hot Rankings from Less to Best
* Songs from the Big Band/Rat Pack Era*

 4 - Kris Allen "Come Together"
        Home Town: Conway, Arkansas

Oh my Gosh, who is advising these singers on song choice? Come together . . . BORING! There are only 3 thousand songs more exciting than this . . . to choose from.

 3 - Danny Gokey"Dream On"
        Home Town: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wow, did Danny ever butcher that last note! Terrible song choice for Danny! I rank him ahead of Chris, simply because Danny out performed him in the Stix number.

 2 - Allison Iraheta"Cry Baby"
        Home Town: Los Angeles, California

Terrible song choice again. This song has no melody. It just repeats over and over the uninspiring title: Cry Baby . . . Cry Baby . . . Cray Baby. Very UN-entertaining! Still, she sung it well, and had a great duet with Adam — which was also a terrible song choice: Slow Ride! BORING . . . I had a majore Snore-fest during this one!

 1 - Adam Lambert"Whole Lotta Love"
        Home Town: Los Angeles, California

Better that the Led Zepplin original. Honestly, this was dynomite in every way! Loved it! Every other song was a let down after this.

Who's going home tonight?

My best guess would be Chris. American Idol Producers clearly are hoping to put a female in the Final Three. This is why they paired up Allison with Adam in the LAST NUMBER of the night!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Alas, the Pimp Spot (shared with Adam) was not enough to save Allison.
She's Gone with the Wind — Kicked to the Curb — Tossed in the Trash!

Top 4 Results Show: the Contestant Kicked to the Curb

Allison was the one to go! This was a surprise to me. Since it was clear that the Producers were giving her every advantage to move forward, . . . in the end, I thought the Producers would simply enforce their preference.

The fact that Allison was eliminated, is evidence that the Producers honored the popular vote in the end (which, theoretically, is what we all assume is the case anyway).

Three guys in the Final 3? Sounds like a recipe for boredom!

Dr Matt

Read next week's American Idol review -----> Top 3


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