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Social Psychologist & Personal Advisor

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.as a Life Coach, . . . I've got what you need!

The paradigm I will share with you goes beyond strategies of goal-achievement, problem solving, and enthusiastic encouragement — all efforts that the average life coach will offer clients in direct support of "what they want." But what should you do when clients "want" something that is not in their best interest, or in the best interest of humanity? How can you even determine what is in your client's best interest?

Beyond obvious common sense conclusions, you can know what is "best" for your clients as you learn the approach that I can share with you. Through the method of analysis I can teach you, you can absolutely know when your clients are "conflicted" — an emotional state that is definitely NOT in any clients' best interest. You can help clients resolve their inner conflict and thereby enhance their quality of life.

I'm not just talking about obvious conflict that clients are openly aware of; instead, I'm talking about an subtle inner conflict of which most clients are NOT aware. It's a conflicted condition that is inseparably coupled with perceptual "blindness" — looking . . . but not seeing. It's a condition that all humanity falls into at one time or another. Some call it "Clueless" or "In Denial," . . . others call it "Self-Deception."

The paradigm detailed in my book, "Changing Your Stripes," teaches a subtle yet sophisticated way of analyzing behavior. The Life Coach will learn to discern the signs of self-deception, and teach clients the same discernment. Self-Deception IS the problem . . . that you don't think YOU have a problem!

If you want to profoundly impact your Life Coaching clientele,
learning the principles in "Changing Your Stripes,"
will absolutely enhance your practice.

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Changing Your Stripes is a
unique reference book that will help
you understand, . . .
and solve all of
Life's  ever-appearing  problems.
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Changing Your Stripes

Social Psychologist & Personal Advisor

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