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West Coast Swing Dance Lessons 

Here are Dr Matt's lessons for learning West Coast Swing:
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Tone Theory for the Best Ballroom Dancing
  by Dr Matt  

Having tried to teach "tone" for many years, the most common response in the bodies of beginning ballroom dancers is this: Continual Stiffness. The common mistake is that beginning dancers think they need to be "tense" all the time.

Tone is similar to good posture in this way: You don't have to "tense up" and be continually "stiff" to stand up straight, with your head held high.

Achieving proper "tone," is a paradox: You stay relaxed within your frame, but the FRAME DOES NOT FLOP around like spaghetti. Whenever your partner pushes or pulls on your FRAME, tone is gently exerted to resist distorting your FRAME. I say "gently," because your muscles NEVER flex directly into a STEEL-LIKE hardness. Instead, just enough muscle flex is supplied to resist Frame Distortion.

FRAMES are set in beautiful shapes. When your FRAME goes "ugly," then you have not applied enough "tone" to maintain the beautiful shape of the frame!

Here's the Paradox of Tone: the muscles stay Supple and never go straight to Steel. The word "Supple" means "pliant and flexible." There is pliant movement in the Frame, similar to the way Car Shock Absorbers flex. The "toned" resistance to Frame Distortion is Soft, like the gentle cushion of Shock-Absorber Action in your Car.

Dancers relax in their beautiful frames all the time, and "tone" is exerted at TWO KEY TIMES:

1) At every Change of Direction, and
2) Whenever the Leader gives a Lead. 


Dr Matt will always connect you to the coolest steps!

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The Greatest Prize
for Life's labors isn't
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or impressive accomplishments,
but in the progress of personal character.
You labor for your own becoming, this is your richest reward.
Who You Become is your greatest possession,
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(Changing Your Stripes, 2nd Edition, page 274)

"Changing Your Stripes" presents principles for getting out of
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"Mastering a challenging situation
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- Matt Moody 

"Changing Your Stripes," teaches you the principles that lead to lasting change,
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