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Flaming Hot International Style Tango by Mirko & Alessia

Dr Matt's Dance Class

Here are the notes for each week's Foxtrot Lessons:
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Hi Everyone:

Here's the Most recent photo of my Dance Class, October 2009:

Back Row - Left to Right:
Robert, Judy, Sylvia, Devin, Emily

Front Row - Left to Right:
Greg, Liz, Matt, Skyla, Jennifer


Dr Matt's Dance Class, June 2009:

Back Row - Left to Right:
Jared, Vickie, Karalee, Sylvia, Derick, Cynthia, Dr Matt, Margo, OK, Judy, Robert, Denise

Front Row - Left to Right:
Carol, John, Jay Dee, Bev, Colly, Devin, Jeff


Here's an older photo of my Dance Class. This pic was snapped in January 2009: (the date stamp on the pic says 2007, but it's really 2009)

Back Row - Left to Right (where you see heads, and not bodies)
Brent Val, Jay Dee, Burt, OK, Tawneen, and Brent Legrand

Front Row - Left to Right
Sylvia, Mollie, Robert, Vickie, Greg, Carol, Lily, Dr Matt, Margo, Kat, Judy N., Denise, & Jeff


Here's another Photo ----> Dr Matt's Ballroom Dance Class

Hey Song and Dance Fans, read my review of

American Idol 2009 - Season 8


The Greatest Prize
for Life's labors isn't
in material possessions
or impressive accomplishments,
but in the progress of personal character.
You labor for your own becoming, this is your richest reward.
Who You Become is your greatest possession,
make it your Masterpiece!

(Changing Your Stripes, 2nd Edition, page 274)

"Changing Your Stripes" presents principles for getting out of
the ditch in which you've been dumped (the difficulties of which you are victim),
and the ditch in which you've jumped (the difficulties for which you volunteer).

"Mastering a challenging situation
is ultimately a matter of
mastering yourself!"

- Matt Moody 

"Changing Your Stripes," teaches you the principles that lead to lasting change,
making you a new kind of creature capable of communicating
with calm, even as storms of contention swirl.

If these ideas resonate and ring true,
then . . . this book is for you!

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Changing Your Stripes is a
unique reference book that will help
you understand, . . .
and solve all of
Life's ever-appearing problems
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Changing Your Stripes

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