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West Coast Swing Dance Lessons 

Here are Dr Matt's lessons for learning West Coast Swing:
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Hi Everyone:

Here is the hyperlink to the Michael & Dawne Kiehm Video. As you review this video, you will note a few things that I've brought out in class:

1) Your hands do not raise to Patty-Cake Position, instead they stay mostly parallel to the ground.

Watch the dancing demonstrations at the beginning of the video 1:25 - 2:00
Of course, the Man's Left Hand does raise to lead the Sugar Tuck.

2) The "tuck" of the Sugar Tuck step is subtle. Instead of shifting the Girl into 3rd Gear with a massive 12 inch shift, the lead is closer to 3 inches. When there is proper tone between partners, the Man needs only a slight movement to lead the "tuck."

Take note of the ease with which Michael Kiehm leads the Sugar Tuck.

3) Observe the light connection that Michael Kiehm has with his partner. His hands are relaxed, as opposed to clamped down hard on Dawne's hands with a Death Grip.

When you GET how to apply proper "Tone" in Ballroom Dance, you will never be Stiff and Tense. Read about Tone Theory for the Robust Ballroom Dancer!

If you will take time to review the Video, and take a few minutes every day to practice, the learning curve will not kick your butt come Tuesday.

Remember, the rhythm for a West Coast Swing Sugar Push is described thus:

              S S qqS qqS   (Slow Slow,  quick quick Slow,  quick quick Slow),  OR
              1  2,   3 & 4,   5 & 6 ,  OR 
              Double,  Triple,  Triple 

Here's a fantastic video by Michael Kiehm (pronounced Kim) on presenting your partner, and presenting to the audience. With very subtle and simple alterations to what you are dancing currently, . . . you can put more pizzazz in every step:

Michael Kiehm explains partner presentation!

In a "Jack & Jill" competition, Robert Cordoba & Mary Ann Nunez are paired up by the luck of the draw, and do a spontaneous "leading and following" dance. Notice the way, they both respond to, and interpret, the music! Hearing and interpreting the music, is a higher level of dance artistry.

Here's some basic steps, relatively speaking, danced by a couple from New York. You can glean some style technique by the way they have tone in their arms and hands, and the way they dances triples steps and anchor steps.

Dancing basic steps with great technique will always look better than dancing complex steps with no technique—lack of tone, no defined lines, awkward, & sloppy.

Technique is what we are learning, as the ladies settle into their knees and do an Underarm Pass with NO BOUNCE—as if they had a glass of water on their head.

Technique is what we are learning, as we work on getting a "toned" connection on counts "3 & 4" of the Push, and another "toned" connection at "5 & 6" of the Anchor. The lady leaning forward slightly on the Push, and then the Lady settling slightly back on the Anchor. The Lady stays BACK, until the Man leads her forward into the 1  2 or Double Steps.


Dr Matt will always connect you to the coolest steps!

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