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The Real Heart of the Matter:
Where Biblical Christianity Meets the Bible! 

By Dr Matt 

Here are Dr Matt's Responses to Shawn McCraney's Version of Biblical Christianity:
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 Something NEW from Dr Matt: 
 False Witness of the Week: 
The Wayward Words of Shawn McCraney

Again, this particular Week the False Witnesses came Fast and Furious: I'm citing a second False Witness from the May 12 HOTM program. As usual, I will directly quote the words of Shawn McCraney to document his falsehoods:

False Witness of the Week: "This past Sunday an LDS owned restaurant that I pass by all the time, which is never ever opened on what they call the Sabbath day, had a sign outside of it that said, 'We're Open for Mother's Day!' Exclamation point, OK?

Now I want you to think about that. Some of you with big heart may say 'oh that's so nice, Jesus would be happy about that.' But the LDS constantly say that you have to keep the Sabbath day holy. But they arbitrarily decide that they're going to break the Sabbath day for Mother's day.

So what they're saying then, what they're tacitly saying, what they are actually frankly saying is: Mothers are more important than God's law. OK? That is what they're saying when they do things like this?

Why this is a False Witness: First, consider the sentence: "But the LDS constantly say that you have to keep the Sabbath day holy." It's very secondary what "they" say, and it's primary what the Lord has said and is saying. It is our Lord who had commanded that the Sabbath Day should be a holy day.

If McCraney wants to represent an LDS view, then let an Latter-day Saint say it!

Truth is . . . "they" don't say anything, because "they" can't say anything. "they" is a plural pronoun, to refer to a group of people. What is true about the human world is that every "saying" is said by a specific person who speaks.

Even when a statement is written to represent a collective group, that statement comes in finite form: in a single, specific document. So, when we cite a belief or view point, it is best to either identify the individual speaker of the view, . . . or the individual document that represents the view of a group. For example, the Bible is a specific body of writing that represents the views of Christians generally.

The phraseology "they say" is extremely sloppy verbiage when trying to articulate a coherent case. It is far superior to simply cite a particular person saying something, OR a particular document written by a particular person and agreed to by a collective body.

Another "false witness" flaw is this: McCraney makes the logical mistake of citing the actions of one person or family, and then generalizing their actions to the group to which they belong.

With such flawed logic, we would conclude that all Catholics believe that their priests should practice pedophilia — what an extremely foolish conclusion.

Within all groups, and every groups, including the group to which McCraney is affiliated, there are example of people behaving badly. And such bad behavior is NOT a statement that represents the group; instead, it is a statement that represents the individual.

What represents the collective, are statement from specific leaders to which the members of the collective, openly agree to, and sign off on.

I've observed Shawn McCraney make this logical mistake dozens of times, as he uses his sloppy paraphrases to represent what "they" (LDS people) believe, without citing specific LDS leaders, or a specific authorized LDS document.

On the one hand, as Shawn does this, he is morally dishonest; and on the other hand, Shawn reveals his intellectual incompetence by using such flawed logic.

A Side Note: What's up with Shawn McCraney's hair? Wondering how he might wear his hair, from week to week, is more fascinating than the content of his false witnesses.

False Witness of the Week

Here are Dr Matt's Responses to Shawn McCraney's Version of Biblical Christianity:
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