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Here's a PIC of the members of Dr Matt's Ballroom Dance Class

Back Row, Left to Right (can only see head, and not shoulders)
Brent Legrand, Karalee, Tawneen, Denise, Brent Val, and Greg

Standing, Left to Right
Jay Dee, Lily, Robert, Sylvia, Vickie, Carol, Dr Matt, Burt, Judy N., and Kat

More Pics of Dr Matt's Ballroom Dance Class

Turbulent Waters
    By Matt Moody

                     All boats float equally well in still waters,
                            but when waters are rough,
                            small boats are vulnerable
                                   and sometimes sink!
                     It is easy enough to float along in life when waters are still.
                            But in times of trouble and turbulence, it is then
                            we see the size of our character
                                   and learn how large or small we are.
                     The purpose of Life is not to avoid troubled waters,
                            but to navigate them faithfully
                                   with patience and compassion.
                     Life's problems are not solved by running away
                            or by going around, but by facing,
                                   straight on.
                     To master a difficulty, we must go through it!
                            A path with no obstacles provides no test of character.
                                   Those who would win the prize must be proven.
                     It is not how troubled the sea, but how steady the pilot.
                            It matters not the comparative point in the journey,
                                   but whether we are facing the right direction
                                   and making unwavering progress.
                            And the direction we must face, in every case . . . is Love.
                     Mother Teresa taught:
                                   "We cannot do great things,
                                   only small things with great love."
                            In easing another's heartache, we forget our own.
                     Life's richest reward is not paid in silver or gold,
                            but in fortitude forged
                                   as we faithfully travel through troubled waters.
                     Gibran wrote: "Our pain carves out a larger space for love to fill."
                            Without a tear in our eye,
                                   we could not see the beauties of a rainbow.
                     So be glad, as you sail unsettled seas
                            knowing that your greatest reward
                            is your own becoming:
                                   Becoming a more wise and wonderful you!
                                   Recovering the You that is True
                     Life is a journey wherein we chart a course
                            toward Light and Love,
                                   or allow wind and waves
                                   to decide a lesser destiny
                            along the course of least resistance.
                     Boats of all size float equally well in still waters.
                            But it is the bigger boats that survive stormy seas,
                            while small ships sink in the same rough water.
                                   And so we must be Large,
                                          Large in Character,
                                          Large in Love.
                            (Changing Your Stripes, 2nd Edition, page 139).

Becoming "large in love" is not accomplished through
determined will power or positive self affirmation or vivid visualizing:

"Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?"

Becoming "large in love" is not accomplished through determined will power of
positive self affirmation or vivid visualizing. Instead,
His Love flows
to youand through you as you release your will and yield
to His Willyou experience a mighty change
through the miracle of His Redemption.

             "A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you:
              and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh."

Read more about the only change that matters: A Change of Heart.

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