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Not all Hypnotherapy is Created Equal.

If human beings could simply be programmed with hypnotic suggestions to be wise and wonderful, then obviously everyone would be buying that kind of magic!

If hypnotherapy could really "program" your thinking — just as easily as programming a computer — then everyone would be programmed to live free from the nagging habits that drag them down. But clearly that's not the way the world works.

The truth is . . . hypnosis has its limits. Hypnosis can enhance and expand your bodily abilities--your physical choreographies; and on the other hand, hypnosis cannot mechanically increase your character. There are no shortcuts to character building. Hypnosis cannot instantly eliminate nagging habits that were created directly because of personal choices made . . . that go against standards of moral integrity.

Hypnotic suggestions must
absolutely agree with, and reinforce,
the laws that govern the way the world works.

For example, while you are free to make certain choices according to your preferences, . . . you are never free from the connected consequences of those choices--consequences that operate consistently and automatically, according to governing principles applicable to everyone.

My unique approach to hypnotherapy includes identifying the governing principles that apply to your particular problem, . . . and then reinforcing the living of that principle through hypnosis. Thus, hypnosis serves to strengthen your personal resolve to living true principles.

The truth is . . . there is no other way to overcoming character-based issues . . . except by committing yourself to a process that has been in place for thousands of years.  NEWS FLASH:   The wheel has already been invented, . . . so now we must use it, as opposed to re-inventing it!

One of the universal principles that has been in place for thousands of years is succinctly summarized by Stephen Covey:

You cannot think your way out of a problem . . .
that you behaved your way into.

Hypnosis directly deals with your thinking, . . . yet, the ultimate solutions to your nagging habits will be forged in the real world . . . through a change of behavior from your heart . . . and not merely a supposed re-programmed thought in your head.

Helping You . . . Is What I Do!

I bring to each private hypnotherapy session all the insight and experience from over 15 years of private practice. I offer a mature perspective to your problems (my body-age is over 50): I have likely experienced challenges similar to the ones you're going through.

The service I provide is affordable and effective for three reasons:

  1. I have the knowledge and experience necessary to answer almost any quandary or quagmire. I've been helping people find solutions to their personal problems for more than 15 years.
  2. What I offer is NOT the same intervention as you would get from a typical hypnotherapist, mental health therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. What I offer actually works! My approach will connect you to powerful principles that will bring about . . . the only change that matters.

    The only change that matters is a change of heart,
    every other change alters us cosmetically but not fundamentally,
    modifies how we appear, what we do or what we say,
    but does not change who we are
    - C. Terry Warner.

  3. I use a unique resource, "Changing Your Stripes," a book I wrote specifically to summarize the principles that govern a fundamental change of heart. This Book contains every idea and principle that I have used with great success in many years of private practice. It offers an intelligent explanation of:

           * The Animal that You Are:   your SELF,
           * The Zoo You Live In:   your SITUATION, and the principles for
           * Recovering the True You:   SOLUTIONS.

The information contained in my book will serve as a reinforcing anchor to the ideas that will absolutely bring an end to your nagging habits. And when each session ends, . . . I will continue speaking to you through the book.

When "Changing Your Stripes" is studied conscientiously, hypnotherapy will enhance and reinforce your commitment to the process of change. Add to all this good news: My fees are less than the cost of most hypnotherapy and even less than your average mental health therapist — while the healing outcomes are substantially greater.

Do the math: Get more, . . . pay less. How can you beat that?

You can begin finding satisfying solutions to your pressing problems:

       *   Schedule a Free Consultation with Dr Matt

       *   Buy a copy of Changing Your Stripes

If you purchase the book before you take advantage of your free session, there's a very good chance that a single complimentary session (coupled with the detailed explanations in the book) will be all you will need fix your situation. Therefore, I highly recommend you purchase the book first.

       *   Read excerpts from Changing Your Stripes

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Social Psychologist & Personal Advisor

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