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Free Counseling with Dr Matt

Social Psychologist & Personal Advisor

Why Dr Matt offers a free telephone consultation? Everyone must make money to pay bills and provide for family, but once necessities are met, most human beings have a passion to live with purpose — to make a difference! So let me help you with your emotional and spiritual needs. If I can help you with life challenges, I welcome this opportunity. The truth is we are all members the human family and loving each other goes to the heart of Life's purpose. Sincerely, Dr Matt

A Short Pencil . . . is better than a Long Memory!

REMEMBER to include the following in your email:     

                                        1)   city and state
                                        2)   first name and age
                                        3)   single, married, or divorced - with children?
                                        4)   telephone number and time zone where you live
                                        5)   explanation of your situation

                               Your free consultation will be more effective when you have
                               a copy of "Changing Your Stripes" directly in front of you, because
                               principles that apply to your problem are already detailed in the book.

     Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Dr Matt   

                                        The call is completely free for those living in the USA or Canada.
                                        If you live in Canada, please purchase Changing Your Stripes
                                        at this page, then request a free phone consultation here

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