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The Social Psychology of Situation, Self, & Solutions

Chapter 1    Situation: The Zoo You Live In


Life is a Set-Up
Cause vs. Constraint
Outer Bondage, Inner Liberty
The Division of Response-Ability
Two Types of Suffering
Why We Choose Self-Made Misery
Everything Happens for a Reason, or Does It?
Life is Self-Correcting
Free to Choose, Not Really
Human Doings are

Chapter 2   Self: The Animal that You Are

Who Am I? Both Body & Being
Intent Defines the Act
Self As Language
Inescapable Impact Always
The Looking Glass Self
The Self as Advertised
The Emotional Self
Distortions due to a Way of Talking
The Fountain from which Emotions Flow
Emotion as Energy-in-Motion
Putting Positive Energy-in-Motion

Chapter 3   Solutions: Recovering the True You

From the Heart, not the Head!
If You Can Own It, You Can Change It
You Do Your Dis-Eases
Energy-in-Motion Explains Dis-Ease
Beginning Right: Good Questions, Good Answers
Letting ME Emerge
Two Possible Worlds: Simple vs. Complex
A Simple Solution: Un-Doing
Tell-Tale Signs of Betrayal
Vote-Getting: Another Tell-Tale Sign
False Feelings: BRIAR Emotions
Seeing the Signs in Ourselves
Seeing and Knowing
Discerning between Fact & Truth
The Myth of Emotional Scars
Inner Liberty Revisited
Changing the Past
Recovering the You that is True
Final Freedom
Satisfying Solutions: Head vs. Heart
Reality Check: Ditch Dwelling
Returning to Innocence

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