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Plus Poetry, Proverbs, Practice, Principles, & Perspective

Contents of The Manual:

Chapter 1    Situation: The Zoo You Live In


Life is a Set-Up
Cause vs. Constraint
Communicative Constraints
Physical Constraints
Outer Bondage, Inner Liberty
The Division of Response-Ability
Who's to Blame?
Two Types of Suffering
Situational Suffering
Self-Inflicted Suffering
Why We Choose Self-Made Misery
Hitting Myself with the Misery Stick
Seeking Support for Victimhood
Vote Getting
Resentment Retention Time
Everything Happens for a Reason, or Does It?
Life is Self-Correcting
What Goes Around, Comes Around
Free to Choose, Not Really
Provoke-Ability Quotient: What's your PQ?
Time Heals All Wounds, Only if you Let It
Get Over It
Human Doings are
Accountability for Moral Behavior is Individual
The Set-Up Flows Both Ways
Being Alive

Chapter 2   Self: The Animal that You Are

Who Am I? Both Body & Being
Verb Self
Human Doing: External Choreography
Human Being: Inward Emotional Tone & Intent
Intent Defines the Act
Two Aspects of the Verb-Self
Self As Language
You Can't Say What You Mean
The Nature of Language
How Words Work
The Bobby
The Bag
Inescapable Impact Always
The Heisenberg Effect
Two Ways of Being
Selfish vs. Empathic
The Looking Glass Self
Distinguishing between Self-Identity and Being
The Search for Self, Solved
Self-Discovery Paradox
The Self as Advertised
False Advertising: The Case of Claude
Own It or Excuse It: Clarity vs. Confusion
The Emotional Self
Defining Emotion through the Weakness of Words
Invitation to a Paradigm Shift: Seeing a New View
Spirit: The Fountain from which Emotions Flow
Understanding Emotions
Emotion: Life's Exclamation Point
Learning the Lessons that Emotions Teach
Emotion as Energy-in-Motion
Putting Positive Energy-in-Motion
Turbulent Waters

Chapter 3   Solutions: Recovering the True You

From the Heart, not the Head!
If You Can Own It, You Can Change It
You Do Your Dis-Eases
Energy-in-Motion Explains Dis-Ease and Dis-Order
Fooling Yourself: Slightly Blind or Completely Oblivious
Beginning Right: Good Questions, Good Answers
Letting ME Emerge
The Light of Innocence
Losing Inner Innocence
Two Possible Worlds: Simple vs. Complex
A Simple Solution: Un-Doing
The Do will Flow from You
Why Being True, is not so easy to Do
Tell-Tale Signs of Betrayal
All Your Troubles are in The JAR
Telling Stories: Anxious vs. Honest
Stuck in the Story
An Invitation to a Justification: Asking Why?
It's hard to See in the Dark
Einstein's Mind Bind
A False Solution: Blame as Balm
Re-Sending Negative Energy
Resentment Retention Time Revisited
Resentment IS Today's Trauma
Blindness of Mind
Feelings that are False: BRIAR Emotions
In Contrast to Pure White
Shades of Betrayal: Less-than-Love
The Fallibility of Following Feelings
Seeing the Signs in Ourselves
Not One, but Two Basic Natures
Seeing and Knowing
Clouded Vision: A Cultural Inheritance
Rationalize or Recover
Discerning between Fact & Truth
Being Right versus Being True
Being Blunt versus Being Honest
The Myth of Emotional Scars
Re-Membering the Past
Emotional Scars: Exactly what are they?
Believing a Lie: the King's New Clothes
Inner Liberty Revisited
Who's Creating the Wake
Where did the Past Go?
Changing the Past
Recovering the You that is True
Two Alternatives Only: Be True or Betray
The Reality of Unseen Evil
Reality Check: Ditch Dwelling
Returning to Innocence

Chapter 4 Poetry

Comfort Zone
The Power of Commitment / Daring Greatly
Be a Friend / Live, Laugh, & Love / I will not Hurry
The Cookie Thief / The Teacher
Pass It On / The Builder / You'd Soon Forget
It Couldn't Be Done / Go for the Gold
Invictus / The Soul's Captain
Gethsemane / Calling / Set Us Afire
Morning Song / Divine Domain
What Counts / Masterpiece

Chapter 5 Proverbs

Kindness & Karma
Principles / Simplicity
Fulfillment in Becoming
Knowledge & Learning
Insight / Persistence
Integrity / Intentions
Excellence vs. Winning
Limits of Positive Mental Attitude
Perpetual Inquiry vs. Committing to Truth
Masters of Fate / Doubts
Tao of Leadership: Letting Life Flow
Motives are not Invisible
Who You Are
Strength through Weakness
Reason and Perception
Brain Power Rebuttal
Heart Matters
Being Bold / Self-Responsibility
Living Selfishly
Principles vs. Generalizations
91 Rules of Thumb
Blinded from the Sun

Chapter 6 Practice

Choosing a Great Mate
Similarity Check List
Provoke-Ability Questionnaire P
Provoke-Ability Questionnaire N
Clear Communication: Rules for Fighting Fair
Good Coach, Bad Coach
Identifying Problems
Identifying Expectations
Road Blocks

Chapter 7 Principles

The Journey / The Goal within Your Control
Three Problems / Tell-Tale Signs of Betrayal
Invitation to Lie / Stuck in the Story
Rationalize or Recover
Heisenberg Effect & Moral Responsibility
Undermining Yourself / Blindness
Distinguishing Doing & Being
Emotional Lies: the BRIAR
Head vs. Heart, Facts vs. Truth
Anatomy of an Argument / Peace in Practice
Being Loving and True
The Self is a Myth to the Self / Who You Are
Ways of Influencing Others
Behavior is Co-Authored
Be Vulnerable: The Social Mirror
Loving Influence: Invite & Give Space
Learning from the Looking Glass

Chapter 8 Perspective

I REPAIR my thinking about Truth
Pure Knowledge
What is Truth ?
What Love Looks Like
Good Coach, Bad Coach Explained
Choosing Misery
Do Others Make You Mad?
Love as Chastening: Withdrawal of God's Spirit
The Natural Emotion of the Natural Man
Adversi-TEE: The Seven T's of Adversity
The Law that makes Life Self-Correcting
Satan is in the Self-Talk



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