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Dream Dilemma: Needing to find a Lost Baby

1)   Pete 
2)   Pensacola, FL
3)   male 31
4)   divorced
My situation is this, it is a multi leveled one.. 4-7 times a week i wake up startled thinking that i left a baby somewhere, and I need to find it.... it disrupts my sleep enough to where i do not sleep normally...

Second, I have enormous problems with letting people go... i.e., relationships...
Third, to that to hide that problem of letting go, i turn into a very promiscuous heterosexual person..3-5 sex partners a week, even when i am in a committed relationship.... at times it becomes precarious for me...

I have a H/X of possible PTSD/anxiety from the military, and mild sexual abuse as a child...
it has caused problems with relationships and friendship.... Professionally i am fine...


Hello Pete:

The "baby" that was left, and now you are trying to find . . . is really you.
Indeed, you DO NEED to find "Pete"—you need to locate your true identity, from your innocent beginnings as a child/baby.

It is no accident that you will read this very theme on the back cover of my book (this is precisely why you have contacted me, . . . among millions of possible contacts via the Internet).

Is your problem about letting go of people/relationships? Or is it really the problem of letting go of the "sex" that is part of those relationship? If you're having sex with all the "people" you are having a hard time letting go, . . . then this pattern is really about "letting go" of sexual enticement.

Finally, I suggest that your own words have indicated HOW you can find the baby!

The fact that you use the word "promiscuous" indicates that you feel within yourself that your sexual conduct is going against your own sense of truth. What you have labeled "promiscuous" IS the very thing that is standing between you, . . . and finding the baby (a.k.a., finding and fulfilling yourself to the highest heights).

My book "Changing Your Stripes" details the process by which you can find the "baby" that your incessant dreams are urging you to find. There is no doubt in my mind, that your own dreams are pointing the way to your best life. So the opportunity to live life to its highest heights . . . is before you: Seize the day!

I'm hoping that you will choose to confront the CHANGES you personally need to make, and if you're serious about this essential goal, my book will be a valuable "road map" in that essential journey.

If you do not avail yourself of reading the very book that will decipher the deepest meaning of your "find-the-baby" dream, I know why you will not; I've seen the pattern a hundred times before and I've described that "trap" at the following page at my website—just click the hyperlink at the lower left entitled Self-Defeating Trap. Again, Carpe Diem!


Matt Moody, Ph.D.
Social Psychologist

P.S. Concerning possible "PTSD" . . . I explain the root cause of PTSD patterns in my book, and it's different from the assumptions of mental health science. Every PTSD-like symptom that currently arises in you . . . will completely disappear as you "find the baby."

* * * * * * *

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Social Psychologist & Personal Advisor

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